Born Pretty Store

Once my college pal Chrissy convinced me to give it a try to nail stamping, I went to the closest Chinese store and got a basic simple Konad Kit of one plate and a functional stamper. It worked great to start and to get hooked to nail art, but pretty soon I realized I needed more stamping plates, some stamping polish and different types of stampers. Unfortunately, these are not readily available in Portugal, so I had to purchase them online.

Chrissy recommended the online store Born Pretty Store. It is located in China and it offers free shipping worldwide. The have a variety of affordable nail art supplies (and more), and their customer service is good. They sell their own brand of stamping plates, and also Qgirl, Cool, and Ya Qin An. The same for stamping and regular polishes, and all sort of manicure tools and gadgets.

They always have promotional discounts, coupons and special offers. You also earn reward points with your purchase. Depending on customs, here in Portugal I have received my order from two weeks to two months.

Yesterday I received my order with plate: BP-35.


I used it to create a Portuguese blue tile themed manicure, inspired by Chrissy’s creation.

White & Blue

If you live where there are no nail art stores at hand, definitely Born Pretty Store is an excellent choice.

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