Vegeterian Enchiladas

Greetings from cloudy, rainy, and foggy Cabo da Roca!

I love living in the westernmost point of Continental Europe, but three weeks under the clouds can get even to me (and I am an Andes mountain girl). In days like these, my husband and I like warm meals … hearty meals, and very few things can beat the taste of melting cheese over a wrap filled with glorious beans with a touch of spice.

Few months ago I came across the Bean and Cheese Vegetarian Enchiladas from Food & Wine, and it is a keeper! However, you need to know your spices. The “piri-piri”, chili, I find here it is vey spicy. I can’t use one tablespoon of chili! I use half a teaspoon. My husband loves peppers, but cooking with raw peppers gives him acid reflux, so I use roasted red peppers. We add sour cream, “natas acidas”, guacamole and some salad as side dishes, perhaps few nacho chips, and our dinner is ready!

This recipe makes 8 enchiladas. They freeze well, so you will have more than one meal ready to go!

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