Summer Landscape Manicure


Yesterday I participated in my second #fanbrushfriday challenge. The manicure this time was to include the colors: pink, periwinkle blue, and deep mint green. The colors didn’t have to match up exactly to these shades but they should be close. I didn’t find an exact match to what I consider a periwinkle blue, so I ended up using  Kiko Quick Dry Lacquer Nº 832 Turquoise, Kiko Nail Lacquer 343 Spring Green & 376 Candy Pink.

Because I used the blue as a base, the brush strokes were not that prominent. I should had followed my original plan of using pink as a base. The result was not bad, but it was not what I had in mind.I got inspired by a fall design by @wariwi_nails and recreated it as a summer landscape, and I love the result!

For the tree I used Born Pretty Plate BP-L001


For the birds I used Born Pretty Plate BP-24


For both images, I used two colors of stamping polishes. For the birds I used Born Pretty Stamping polishes Black and White, while for the tree I used Handy Stamping polishes Lime Green and Brown Maria.

Using Born Pretty Clear Head Stamper makes it really easy to place the images in the right place. It was a lot of fun to create this manicure!

Have a great weekend!

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